dialogue 38 is an award-winning multidisciplinary architecture and design firm based in Toronto. Founded by architect Bennett C. Lo, the firm has been responsible for a wide range of successful residential, hospitality and retail environments. In a practice that encompasses architecture and interior design, graphic design and communications, dialogue 38 helps companies define and shape their entire brand space.


dialogue 38 takes a broad-based, multifaceted view of design. We believe that a successful space must work in harmony with all other aspects of a company’s brand identity. While mindful of our clients’ specific needs, markets and business objectives, to us, good design does more than sell products or services - it sells a ‘lifestyle’. We create spaces that people experience – memorable spaces that they identify with, by providing each of our clients with a unique design solution that is distinctly their own.


dialogue 38 is an emerging firm which accommodates personal one-on-one attention for our clients in order to respond quickly to their needs.


Specializing in creating versatile and imaginative solutions regardless of cost limitations, many of our successful and award-winning projects have been realized on tight budgets. dialogue 38 produces striking designs and atmospheres by the creative use of materials and design techniques while addressing both functional and aesthetic requirements.


The principal and staff of dialogue 38 have lived and worked in Europe, Asia, Australia, the US and Canada. We bring to our work a worldly view, cultural and vernacular knowledge, and an openness to see and think in different ways. Our practice encompasses a wide range of disciplines including architecture, interior design, graphics, product design and communications.